Monday, December 2, 2013

Transfer Time Already!


Wow, I can't believe how crazy your trip ended...ask my companion, he saw the worry as I was reading that whole story! I hope everything works out with the luggage and also Dad´s arm/knee. It seems we have bad luck with things like that. :/ But I´m glad the majority of the things you planned on doing worked out!

So first things first, María did get baptized on Saturday! :) It was a really good baptism, a really crazy weekend. The baptism started at 9:30 at night(we had permission, don't worry) and ended an hour later, but we stayed and cleaned, so we got home about 11:30, but we both woke up yesterday morning without a problem! Baptisms seem to help with your excitement! :) Haha but it was a really good baptism, really spiritual, and the members were all talking to Desireé, her daughter, asking her when she was going to get baptized, and instead of being turned off about the whole thing, she just told them she wanted to know a little more! And since we haven't taught her any complete lesson yet... :) problem solved! We have an appt. tonight with them, so that will be the start of another baptism! She already loves everything she has seen and learned, so that helps. She spent about 4 hours in President Ávila´s house with Carla, President´s daughter, talking about EVERYTHING, temples, studies, their future plans, a little bit of gospel stuff, activities of the ward in the future, everything. So that was AWESOME!!!  So Elder Connolly will make sure that all happens!

 I guesss I just gave it away... so we got transfer calls last night, and I´m leaving! Can you believe it?? I couldn't. I didn't want to leave at all, it was a big surprise! I´m going down south, to San Rafael(where I went during my time in Justo Daract for a conference with the Area 70, Elder Resek) and I´m going to be with Elder Villegas! He was the other district leader in Maipú with Elder Galicia and Elder Alberro, so I already know him prettty well. And I at least know that he works like crazy! So that's going to help me even more to forget about the time! I´m excited for that part, that we´re going to work like crazy. Plus we started out the month really well. Looking at the averages for the different zones, our zone had two baptisms this last weekend, and San Rafael had even more! Just this past weekend, so that's awesome! The zone I´m entering seems to already be in good hands, I'll just do my best to keep it going!  
As for Elder Connolly, he is now the District Leader!!! And... he is training!!! So he´s getting slapped with those two responsabilities just like I did with Elder Fullmer! Now I´m curious to know what Elder Fullmer is doing, he has the same time as Elder Connolly, 9 months. I can totally see Elder Fullmer training! He already trained me, so I guess I'll find out eventually!
As for the hermanas, Hermana Enos is going to open an area, in Malargue (very south of the mission) AND train, AGAIN, this being her 3rd transfer in the mission!! The elders in La Favorita are staying together. Elder Connolly will help them out too, he´s just taking the reigns!
I´m sorry you didn't get to see the giraffes, Kate!! I would've been disappointed too. I never got to go the zoo here, but I think there were giraffes. But I'm going about 2 hours away, so oh well, maybe in the future!
Well today we are having an asado with the hermanas in Mendoza centro and a few members from different wards, as well as Elder Da Silva and his companion. And then we´re going to play soccer, volleyball, and enjoy the last pday! It's going to be hot, so I´m going to buy some sunblock haha. 
So this last week as well I did intercambios again with the Favorita, and we did service, which turned into a six hour service, mostly because Elder Alfaro was trying to help with the first project and created a big second project... fixing their roof, since he put his foot through the roof! Haha it was really embarrassing... I'll send pictures of that as well. 
Other than that, there´s not much to report, sorry for a lame email as well! But I have pictures this time! :) I hope this first week of December turns out well! I already feel the Christmas spirit so I´m super excited for Christmas!! I hope you all enjoy the cold and the snow, if it snows, and the lights and everything! I'll enjoy the fireworks and roasted pig! :) 
Anyway, I love you all and hope you have a great week, and especially hope that all those problems get resolved! :/ Tell Dad to be careful!! I´d like him to be in one piece when I get back!

Elder Tyson Gibbons
PS  These pictures are of the baptism, of our celebration beforehand, ice cream at Bianco y Nero´s (I went there with Elder Day twice when we traveled here to Mendoza) and the service project that I did with Elder Alfaro.  The ones of the baptism, the one that doesn't have me has a recent convert who got baptized about 2 months ago, and he´s a stud. He´s the only guy I´ve given besitos to down here (you know how they like touch cheeks and make kissing noises? Well he always gives us a hug(to everyone actually, not just us) and gives us one besito, it was pretty uncomfortable the first time, but I´ve kinda gotten used to it because he´s a really cool guy, he helped us out so much with María, and was SUPER excited to hear she was getting baptized!)

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