Monday, December 16, 2013


On exchanges with Elder Gorge,
playing with hats we found in the pench
Elder Gorge's delicious homemade cinnamon rolls!

Hey Mom!!  Yes we have been going crazy coordinating everything for the mission Christmas party tomorrow, but everything is set and it's going to be super great, especially to be in my old chapel ;) And I´m going to get to ask how Desiree and a few other people are doing!! And I have a reference for the sisters there in Mendoza centro, so I feel good being able to see all of them again! Also, I´ll get to see Elder Fullmer too! But I don't think I'm going to see any of the elders from my group, MAYBE Elder Chipman or Braithwaite, but Elder Wright and Elder Johnson won't be there, it's set.

And I'm pretty sure tomorrow my packages will be there under their Christmas tree that they will have set up! And so I´m going to enjoy that! :) 

Elder Villegas is from Viña del Mar, Chile. So maybe Dad will be excited to talk to him for a little bit! Speaking of Skype, I think we are going to skype the 24th as well,  just later in the afternoon or just after skyping with Jalen! Please coordinate with him, so we know if I'll talk to him first or with you first, but I know he is skyping you all at 7-8-ish his time, so 1-2 your time. And we have a little easier schedule, only being 4 hours apart. So it all depends on when Elder Villegas´ mom can do it. But Jalen did email today so I emailed him back and we´ll figure it all out! It doesn't matter if he doesn't tell me the time until Monday, I think we´ll probably just come to a cyber, I don't think there is any member with internet or anything.

So yesterday they baptized one of the four kids, the other three fell through because the family is going on vacation. I understand vacation but sometimes I feel like people could have their priorities a little more aligned! But it's alright, we have a set baptism this weekend, A_____ the husband of a reactivating sister, so that will bring our zone to 6 out of 9, and we have a lot of other people that are to be baptized this weekend and the next, so our zone will for sure get our goal of 9!!! We are super excited.

So Saturday we had a miracle, and that led to a few miracles, even if they were small, on Sunday as well. So we literally walked out of our apartment, walked two houses down, and we saw this older gentleman, so we talked to him. I didn't understand anything because he was out of breath, but we understood that he had problems in his lungs, so Elder Villegas told him "Hermano, we are Priesthood holders in our church, can we come to your house and give you a blessing?" And he said yes, come in, and we went to his house, which was the next one, (so we´re neighbors!!!). We met his wife, we started teaching a little, we explained the blessings, and we gave a blessing to her and him, and invited them to church. The hermano told us before we left "Elderes, whatever you want me to do, we´ll do it" and we were  just stunned. So on Sunday, we had to pick them up in a car. So we get a member at the last minute (miracle!! People were just not helping us at all!) and then we make it two block and his car dies, so we get out, and RIGHT THEN our investigator who's being baptized this weekend, A_____, walked by, and decided to help us (little miracle). And then a less active member stopped and helped us too (another little miracle). And then I said a prayer that the car would work, and five minutes later, it was running without problems (miracle!!)! And then we got to the couple's house (they are an older couple, he´s 88 and she´s in the late 70´s) and they were still there waiting for us (little miracle) and so we brought them to church, and they LOVED IT! And then the sister that just returned from her mission to Brasil last week went with us, and she told us right when we first introduced ourselves "Elders, I really want to work, can I do visits with you two and work with you??" and we of course said.... no. Haha just kidding, YES!!! Please!!! So she is going to visit the grandparents with us this week, and to other visits as well. But when she got to the pulpit to share her testimony, even though she said a lot of words in Portuguese, it didn't matter, I still understood because the spirit was SUPER STRONG. Elder Villegas and I were trembling. I don't know if you´ve ever had the sensation, but our hearts were beating at top speed just listening to her share her testimony. That defiinitely shows how powerful of a missionary she was. So she should help us out quite a bit!

Anyway, those are the few miracles I wanted to share. We have our little troubles too, with other investigators, but we are going to overcome. There were too many prayers answered yesterday to leave any room for doubt! God is in charge, and He will always help those who want to follow Him, right? I know that without a doubt. So I´ll be doing my best to have the Christmas spirit and spread it to others!! I hope you all enjoy this week, and can prepare even more for Christmas next week!! Don't forget, don't ever take Christ out of Christmas! He is the reason we celebrate, but also the reason we have everything we have already, disregarding presents and parties and whatever other things we may focus on. He offered us His life, and the chance to change and follow Him, so think about it, what gift are you willing to give to Him this Christmas? This is more serious than a new year's resolution, since those usually last a few weeks or months. He deserves more than that, I think! Think about it, and do everything you can to do it! I love you Mom and Dad and family! I'll be talking to you next week!!

Elder Tyson Gibbons

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