Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!

Antonela's baptism!
Hey everyone!  Not gonna lie, it feels like a LONG TIME since we skyped already! But it was really good to see almost all of you! I really enjoyed it. 

So Mom and Dad, to answer your question, yes Antonela was baptized Saturday and confirmed Sunday! It was a really short notice thing, but she told the elders in the interview that she would love to do it on Saturday, so we planned everything short notice and had a lot of support from the Bishop and the members, so it turned out really well! So that helped us complete our goal of 3 as a companionship, and yes Dad, there are elders that think more about numbers than people, but I promise you, I´m not one of those! It's hard as a zone leader to focus on people and not just numbers, but we do it!
Hey we have to run a quick errand, we´ll be back in a little bit! But I wanted to send a little something before we go.

To be continued....

Alright, again, sorry for not writing a whole lot, but I had to send so many forms today. I already told you the good news about Antonela! But anyway, this week is going to be crazy, we can't leave the pench unless we have a fixed appointment in a safe place, since it's going to be really crazy with lots of drunk and drugged people for New Years. And then Friday we are going to be in Consejo again as ZL planning for January! So that's going to be crazy. I think we got 75 baptisms this month. We didn't get the goal of 100, but it's still SOOO much better than any other month this year, and hopefully we can keep it up this next year instead of doing what happened last year, as in a lot of baptisms in December and then this year has been in the 20´s or 30´s. So yeah, we are really excited! We have a really awesome zone with awesome sisters and elders!  Lots to do, but that's normal, lots of calls to answer. I feel like a secretary haha :/ Oh well, it's all worth it to help people out!

Anyway, sorry, we need to get going, but next week won't be as crazy!I love you all and hope you have a really great time this week! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! Let's all start it out the best way possible!!! :)

Elder Tyson Gibbons

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