Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Alberto got baptized!

Hey Mom!  Alright, this will be the normal email, not trying to figure out all the craziness for skype tomorrow! Plus we have to figure out all the problems of the zone too, since not a single cyber is going to be open on the 25th, and that's the day President wants us to Skype (don't worry, I already asked him and I have permission to Skype tomorrow) but now people don't have anywhere to do it or they can't do it on the 25th, and things like that. So we´ve been calling the assistants a lot. Haha the job of zone leaders... it's not always fun.

But the Christmas party was way cool!!! I got to see Elder Braithwaite who recently left from Justo Daract, and Elder Chipman, but I didn't even get to know where he is at right now! Elder Johnson and Elder Hardy had their party Wednesday, so I didn't see any of them. But I saw Elder Fullmer! And Elder Connolly! And a bunch of other elders. So it was a really good party! We have a new senior couple serving, and they are way cool! They know where Mountain Home is! Haha and he served here in Mendoza 40+ years ago, like Elder Christofferson and everything! So he gave his testimony of the missionary work and it was super powerful! He is amazed at how much things have expanded down here since the last time he came down. So he dressed up as Santa Claus since the Ences are now home! And they gave us all Argentina flags, but instead of the sun, it's the Mendoza Mission symbol, it's way cool!!!

Also, we played a lot of soccer, and that was super fun. I didn't get burnt, I was super happy about that! I played with a bunch of latins, and there weren't many other gringos that wanted to play, so everyone was surprised, and as usual, assumed I was just a random gringo. But then when we started playing in smaller teams at the church, and I got together with Elder Pearson (plays REALLY well), Elder Bayles (also plays really well), Elder Stephans (new elder that plays really well), and Elder Jones (doesn't play soccer, but he´s like 6 foot 4 and he just tore it up as goalie!) and we played against a bunch of all latin teams, and we destroyed them! We played 7 games in a row, each game until two goals, and we just kept scoring and scoring and scoring. We decided it has to do with the fact that we are from the UNITED States of America ;) We just played together, while some of the latins like to be one-man teams. But it was really fun, all the gringos and even a few latins were cheering us on! Super fun :)

So, we had the ward Christmas party too and it turned out pretty well! We had a nativity scene that the Primary kids put on, it was really cute. And then we had a spritual thought from the bishop and then we all ate and talked. Elder Villegas and I came up with the idea to have everyone write their thoughts of Christmas and New Years, and then we put a pass along card of Christ on the front of all of them and we are going to get them laminated, and hand them all back as a little reminder. So that will hopefully be really cool! Get some confidence of the members.

And then, Saturday, we had a baptism!! Alberto got baptized!!! It was a really good baptism, he was so ready to be baptized. And his whole family showed up (well the family of the wife, who are mostly inactive) and then HIS mom showed up, and came to the confirmation Sunday as well! It was just awesome! And this weekend we are trying so hard to have one more baptism, to meet our goal and the zone´s goal! So we will let you know. The Christmas spirit will probably help us along a lot!
Super excited to skype with all of you tomorrow! Again, please let me know if 11 o clock works for you all, if not, it will be 3 o clock your time, and we´ll go to a different member's house at 7 our time or 3pm your time and talk then! But with Jalen, please tell him to wait for my call!

Anyway, we have some citas today and a lunch with a member so we need to get going! I guess I won't know if 11 will work for you, but that's when Elder Villegas is going to talk to his mom so I'll just get online and see if you are available, and if not, then we´ll plan on doing it at 7 like you said! I love you all! Here are some pictures of this past week. It's been a very Christmas-y week, and this week will be just the same!!! I love Christmas! The Christmas spirit is amazing, everyone is just happy! Let's help everyone feel it this year!!

Elder Tyson Gibbons

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