Monday, March 3, 2014

Goodbye San Rafael, Hello Villa Mercedes

Alberto and family. They bought me a really nice mate cup and bombilla!!!
It's super cool, it has their name on it too.  :)
Now I can drink mate! (When I get home.)

A mix of the familias Gerry, Calderon, and Aspitia

The family of Antonela

Our district in San Rafael:
Elders Ruiz, Bulva, Alcalde, Prado, Rojas, and me, clockwise
Hey Mom and Dad!!

Alright, things are going WAY good out here in Villa Mercedes. The ward here is super involved in missionary work. It's one of the best functioning wards I´ve seen on the mission, and we have a LOT of people to work with. There´s one family that we visited yesterday (that I had visited once many months ago when I was starting here) that has six families with which they are working, and almost all of them have had a visit with the missionaries in the house of these members! And the ward mission leader is awesome, the bishop is awesome, all the members are awesome! And I got a very warm welcome yesterday, since a lot of them remembered me. And guess what? Our lunch yesterday was with the familia Z_____, and it turns out that 1) they have twin sons that are less active, and 2) the dad is the brother of the familia Z_____ that I visited in Justo Daract, who moved and then we never heard from them again! And he said that they are planning on coming back to Justo Daract, so how crazy is that? It's amazing how much progress and change has happened in almost two years. I´m just super happy when I wake up, and all the time, because I´m back here. We have so many families that we are going to be working with, so if we plan well, we´ll be having plenty of awesome baptisms and we´ll be helping all these families on their way to the temple and an eternal family. It's just great. :)

So Elder Rainock and I get along just fine. We are really similar in almost every way, so we´re going to work like crazy. He´s from Virginia, in Richmond, so I wanted to ask where we lived when Grandma and Grandpa were living there. I thought it was somewhere around Richmond? Just wondering.

I´ve been planning on going to Justo Daract ASAP, of course. It might not happen this week, although I think it should happen. President on Wednesday said he wants me to go there often.  Long story short, my buses got mixed up so I left San Rafael, went to the offices and chilled there for three days, helping out the assistants and the office elders with planning the consejo on Friday, running errands, and geting little things done in the offices, like sorting mail and putting together the material orders for each zone. Super long days. I also went out to work half a day with Elder Braithwaite and Elder Gorge in their area in Godoy Cruz! It was legit. And anyway, President gave me a special assignation, to go to Justo frequently to help the elders get the area going again, and to get the confidence of the members there more quickly. But the Elders Ortez and Kidman are STUDS, they had a WAY good week this last weekend. With only four days of work, they taught more than I taught maybe in two weeks while I was there. That area is picking up and quick! What's cool is that they are teaching some of the people that I tried working with, some of them being a couple that ended up telling us that we shouldn't come back anymore, and now they´ve been coming to church for months and all they are missing is to get married! So that is AWESOME!!! Over all, this is going to be an AMAZING set of transfers here. I couldn't be in a better place, honestly! This is the best area I´ve had so far. Maybe it's just because I am now just applying everything I´ve learned!

So yeah, that's what's going on so far. It's been a long two days, but I like it. I don't want it to pass by fast!! 

That's awesome that we´re going to have two family reunions this summer! I´m super excited to go to Oregon, that's going to be great. And I´ve never been to Texas, so that will be interesting!

And working at the MTC... I´ve thought a lot about that during the mission. At first I didn't want to, but now I think it would be really cool. That's definitely an option as well! And I´m glad Chris will be in town as well!

I'm sending photos of my goodbyes in San Rafael.  I will miss them all!
Anyway, we´ve gotta get going, not a lot of time! Lots of things to do! I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Tyson Gibbons

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