Monday, February 24, 2014


 The stake president and his wife dancing the Cueca

This family came to the activity and loved it!!!
The first goodbye picture I have taken here in Pueblo Diamante.
It's the family Aspitia, really awesome family!
They help us out a lot with visits and transport.
Hey Mom and Dad! 

Okay, I don't have much time, we need to go eat and get things going because we´re spending the day with the district leaders. If we want to help the districts in the zone, we need to help the leaders first. So we´re going to go eat together! But yeah, it's another really rainy day, just like two weeks ago, so it's pretty crazy!! But doesn't bother me! I´m happy...

And you want to know why I´m happy?? Well, I know you maybe forgot that yesterday we received transfers... and I am leaving!! That's not why I´m happy, I´m actually really sad to leave here, because I feel like I just became part of the ward and was ready to work even harder, and now I´m gone. But it's alright, I´ve done all I can while I´ve been here. But guess where I´m going to go???.......... I´m going back to Villa Mercedes, I´m going to be in the same zone and same district when I was born in the mission!!!!!!! Which means.... I´m going to be able to go back to Justo Daract! Can you believe it?!?!?!?! I´m super excited! I´m going to be with Elder Rainock, he got here a year ago about. I don't know him super well but he was traveling assistant before he became zone leader, so at least I know he works hard too!! So I´m really excited for this transfer. 

Anyway, not much news, except the activity that we had on Saturday was really really good!!! It turned out really well. There were about 80 people there, including investigators, less actives and active members! Elder Bulva did his magic tricks (I filmed the whole thing, too bad I can't send videos by email, but you´ll see them when I get back) and there were a bunch of other talents. It was a huge success, and everyone loved it! We walked out the front doors and there was a random teenager walking by and we called him over, asked him where he was going, if he wanted to see a talent show, and he came right in! Made friends with the youth and enjoyed the talent show. Then we got his direction and they will be passing by to visit his family! So that's awesome. :)  And Dad, the stake president and his wife along with a few spectators from Chile danced the Cueca. I don't know if you remember or even know what that is, but it was quite a sight! Really interesting.

Anyway, I´m really glad the surgery went well!! That is not a delightful picture, hopefully it's not that swollen for a long time! That doesn't look super fun. But I´m glad you´ve gained a stronger testimony about the word of wisdom haha. I don't understand why people intentionally drug themselves to feel like that either.

The families are doing alright, we´ve been visitng both of them, and today we´ll visit the quorum president to say goodbye. The invisible friend activity turned out really well, but a lot of elders forgot. Everyone participated at least 50 percent, either giving their gift or receiving haha. But I think I´m one of the only ones that gave and received! Elder Olaya, the Colombian, gave me a planner (that I´m going to use after the mission obviously) and a wood-carved key hanger, so that was cool! But hopefully the people that participated enjoyed it!

Anyway, yeah I need to get going. But here are a few fotos from the activity!

I hope it's not raining or cold like it is here!! Have a great week!!! I love you all.

Elder Tyson Gibbons

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