Monday, March 24, 2014


Hey Mom and Dad!

So this last week was pretty good! Long, with lots of walking,but it's alright, there are always lower weeks to make the good ones look even better! We had a great weekend last week, and then this week we had only half of the members in church, and no investigators. But then we ended up running into L_____ again in the street and we are going to meet with him today and start up the frecuent appointments! Plus he´s still going strong, we just lost contact because of the vacations, and he was traveling to Cordoba all week.

But this week we have two people that are going to take out a turn to get married in the next weeks! So we are super stoked about that! They didn't come to church, but they were going to come and we´ll find out what happened this week when we pass by! But they are doing really well. We thought at the beginning of the transfer that maybe they didn't even want to get married, and now we go this last week and they all told us that they had been talking about it and were already planning out the day to go and do it!! It was really cool, some miracles amongst all the fallen appointments and long days!

And today we are just exhausted, as usual, but I think I´m going to make the funfetti cake that I got in the first Christmas package, and when we go to Mendoza next week we´ll probably get the rest of our packages! So yeah I'll let you know!

I´m glad to hear that Nathan's driving test turned out well, and that you are not reduced to one driver anymore! That will be very helpful, and I guess I´m glad to hear that the green car is running still! I thought it was out of commission when I left haha. Tell him not to wreck it!

Glad to hear that Nathan won his tennis match, and that Kate had her first drive! Awesome milestones! Keep it up!

What the heck, I didn't even know that Karissa was pregnant! Maybe I did, but had just forgotten! But that's awesome! Now I have a lot of cousins to meet when I get home. That's awesome!! I looked again at the Christmas card that Jill and Jason sent and was blown away when I didn't see a little baby Olivia! It's going to be a pretty big adjustment! But hopefully they accept me haha!

That's awesome that Bryan did a Footloose sketch! I've never seen that movie but I always hear people talk about it, so yeah, it must´ve been good if they are posting it all over the place! I´ll have to check that out when I get back. Among all the other things. 

I´m glad you finally replaced the fence out back! It should stand up to a lot more kicks and soccer balls :) And hopefully the neighbors' dog didn't make a mess! I never loved dogs a whole lot, but down here, they are just everywhere, which means they leave their mess everywhere as well. Haha it's pretty ridiculous. I´m pretty sure there are more dogs down here than in the United States, because no one takes care of them so they just go around the streets doing whatever they want!

Anyway, this week is going to be good, I´m excited! And I cannot believe that general conference is going to be next weekend! What is happening to the time? I don't have any time to waste! Which is good, so I won't waste it!

Well, today we are going to clean a little and sleep because we are just super tired, plus it's a holiday so there´s no way we can do anything else! I love you all and hope you have a great week! 

But before going, my favorite thing I´ve found in the Book of Mormon reading this week was something I read this morning, in Jacob 4:3. It just hit me very strongly the recognition that the prophets in the olden days, like here, 550+ years before Christ was born, knew that they were writing those things for us in these days, because that's what God had told them. It strengthened my confidence and testimony in the great blessing of having prophets in these days! We wouldn't have the scriptures if we didn't have prophets! So we definitely need to be grateful, I am! But, all in all, the Book of Mormon is for us! Written for these days, to help us with our problems, and it really does! Doesn't matter what problem it may be.

Elder Tyson Gibbons

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