Monday, April 8, 2013

Hey everyone!!!

P-day bowling with the district
I'm guessing if he bothered to take the picture,
his score must be the "G" on top.
Not sure what to say about this one... :)
The lone gringo in the district!  He loves it!
And almost the lone gringo in the zone!  :)
with Elder Alberro
Ricardo, Elder Alberro, Tyson, and Dario.
Ricardo and Dario are young men about to leave
on their missions--they've been helping Tyson and
Elder Alberro the past few weeks.
Tyson, Elder Alberro, and Elder Biggs--
the General Conference English Group
He looks happy!
Hey everyone!!! How was your weekend???

I loved it, so that's why I ask. Nothing like General Conference to brighten your day and week! And life not to mention! I had a lot of questions answered and plenty of things that stuck out to me for me to change or improve, so I'll be working on that in the future. Hopefully so will you! Well today I'm writing pretty late since our plans for this morning got set back a few hours, but we didn't do anything about it, just waited at the church. We came here to Rodeo de la Cruz to play soccer with Ricardo, Dario and Alexis from our ward, a few other guys from Rodeo de la Cruz, and Elder Bulva and Tapia. It was AWESOME!!! I've definitely improved a little bit, if even just because I don't get so mad or upset or anything about losing. There are other reasons that I feel things have improved, but that's basically why. We played a few times, and I was just having a blast! I felt like Jalen, minus his evil laugh thing he always did, just having fun! So that's good! I played on a team of 3 and we won our little tournament, and then we played the four elders and Alexis with the five other guys, and we bascially dominated, so that was way fun. :) Definitely a testimony for me that TEAMWORK will always beat personal effort. But then me and Elder Alberro played some ping pong and discovered that we are a GREAT ping pong team as well, we beat all the others at that too. :) So I'm in a good mood just to know I haven't lost my ping pong skills and that I've improved my futbol ones too. It's a good day. but since they all showed up three hours late and we were sitting waiting in the church, that's why we´re so late... I feel bad knowing how late it is. But I know I need to write you all!! So here I am, doing it. obviously.. anyway...

So it hasn't been super cold recently, these last few weeks have been super warm, but I am still going to need all those warm clothes since the nights are all cold now. And yeah, about my health, I just feel a little down because I still can't sleep well in the pension, and we haven't heard more about the new one yet. Kinda frustrating. But all has its time in the world, as the Bible says. Hopefully it can improve with time, but I just don't sleep well, and neither does Elder Alberro, we´re both suffereing a little bit. But we´re still working, so that's all that matters! Even if the physical aspect could be a little better... I'll keep working on it.

Alright, I will be looking for the packages! I was surprised Sunday with one from Kelly, so it definitely comes a lot faster when it's below 25 dollars and doesn't get caught up in the customs and everything. So yeah, just for future reference!

Okay, thanks for clearing things up with Korea, because everyone down here has a different story about everything, but they all say that South Korea, our friends, declared war on us...?? They just don't know what they´re talking about I guess. I'm sure things get mixed up in the translation and the transmission from country to country. That's the sad thing about humans, we´re not as efficient as computers sometimes. But thanks for clearing that up! I was seriously pretty worried.

Also, thank you for the emails and everything!

So about conference, that was just an awesome weekend!!!! We got to see all five sessions, which I loved, just like last time. The first session on Saturday we had to watch in Spanish, which just isn't as good. There are some little things lost in translation. But we got an English room after that, so that was GREAT! Just me, Elder Alberro, and Elder Biggs chillin in the gringo room with food and things. It was great :) But I seriously loved every talk. I wasn't tired at ALL! That's like a first, besides last conference haha, it's just awesome knowing that you´re going to receive answers to questions about yourself, or as missionaries, for some of the people we are teaching. So I took lots of notes, about 10 pages worth, and will be downloading them in the future. But thank you for those highlights from your notes!! I loved all of those, and my favorite talks as well were by Elder Bednar, always straightforward but so powerful, I wrote down a lot of quotes from that one. And then from President Monson about obedience, and not just because the story was hilarious. I felt bad for all the other people, we didn't hear any laughing coming from the main room when he told the story, but we were dying of laughter, us three. Oh well, good times.
I am super jealous of Enrique Falabella´s accent. I wish I could sound like that when I get back! But I just don't think it's possible haha :D I loved his talk too, it's a little below those favorite two.
There were a few complications though. Elder Tapia, Elder Alberro, and I went to buy some food for Sunday on Saturday night before the Priesthood session, and the buses that passed us were all full to the point that the driver didn't even stop to let us get on, so we missed the first hour almost of the Priesthood session. We were so mad. At least we heard the majority of President Uchtdorf's talk and the others in the First Presidency. But then Sunday morning as well we got kicked out of our transportation from the ward and into a member's car, and we got there late again, so we missed almost all of President Uchtdorf´s talk again... gosh that was upsetting too. But thank goodness for technology haha :) I'll read them soon! And if you can send me the Ensign, I would love that!! Just from conference. The only sad thing is that no investigators came. But Graciela and Hermana Gutierrez and Miriam and Juan Pablo all attended their first conference, and they LOVED IT!!! So that was super exciting for them!! :)

Anyway, those were our conference activities and adventures. I loved it sooo much. I got so many answers from all of them! I wonder what people do when they pass it on their TV´s too... I would think there would be some attracting peaceful feeling, and maybe they listen for a little bit then keep going. But the Lord works in interesting ways... maybe they´ll be hooked, who knows? I just know that it's definitely a spiritual highlight two times a year!! I hope all of you can take advantage of it fully!! Read the talks all over again, and the ones you didn't hear, and you´ll get an answer to some question, even if you didn't know there was a question in your head!! We all have questions about life, sometimes they´re just buried by everything going on in life. Every once in a while we have to refocus, right?
I took PLENTY of pictures these last two weeks, but I still don't know if I can send them since the computer is way slow and the usb hasn't worked yet... so sorry, you have to wait! But I have a lot, and you will enjoy them surely. :)
Well I just got the usb to work!!! So I'm going to finish this up and send some pictures finally.
But yeah, I am SOOO glad to hear that all is going well for the main part, and I will remember to keep anyone going through a hard time in my prayers! I know everyone could use a thoughtful prayer every once in a while, or every day! It truly does work miracles. I'm doing alright here, just trying to sleep better, but there´s not much I can do about it, I'm just a light sleeper!!

I'm pretty sad to hear about Brother Sell moving! I won't get to say goodbye... that's no fair! I know he´ll be a huge blessing to all the youth in his new area as well, and the youth will never forget him in Mountain Home. I remember him talking about trying to leave all the time while I was in seminary, and I'm SOOO glad that he stayed all four years, because he helped me change things in my life to be able to be here today. Thank you Brother Sell, I don't know if you´ll read this soon or later, but hopefully you do! You made a big difference in my life, and surely for all my other friends from Mountain Home! And his family will be missed dearly, by me for sure. And life goes on...changes and everything!

Well, keep having an awesome month of April, the best month ever! We´ve enjoyed Easter, the birthday of the church, and General Conference. Next up, my birthday combined with Juan Pablo's! It's going to be awesome. :) Keep making the best of every moment, there are no redo´s in life!! You gotta make the best of it the first time. I love all of you, and I'm so grateful for your support, and I hope you can all take advantage of these blessings we have to have a prophet who speaks to us what God wants us to know and learn, and for Christ who leads this church to blessing so many lives in the world. I know that His church has been restored fully and completely and is here to bless ALL the people in the world, sometimes we just have to help it along! Let's share the blessings, alright?? There´s nothing better than knowing someone you care about and love is improving their life!!! And being happier :) I love you all!
Until next week...

Elder Tyson Gibbons

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