Monday, April 15, 2013

Crazy week!

Hey Mom! :)

This week was so CRAZY!!! Sadly not as much for the work, but guess what?? We finally moved pensions!!!! And we got the somewhat expensive but SUPER NICE apartments, it is so awsome! We can still see the mountains between the changing color leaves of the trees, plus we´re on the third floor, so yeah.. it's pretty cool. It's bascially like a hotel room, just permanent. We still haven't gotten over the awesomeness. The only bad thing is that the shower, which is SOOO much better, only has hot water for about five minutes, then the water runs out and it gets cold. So we´re working on that. But everything else is amazing. I'll send pictures in the future, I am out of batteries for now :/ sorry!
The weather is pretty normal now, it's way cold at night and perfect during the day. I just got a little sick again because the first night in the new pension all my warm clothes were packed away, and during the night I think I got a cold. So now I sleep with sweatshirts and sweats and everything. I already feel better though! So yeah, that's all good. Definitely headed into winter!
I'm glad you liked the fotos! I was going to send more, but since my camera died, well I can't haha. But you´ll get more in the future, don't worry. Although I have to say that the two young men Ricardo and Dario are both over 21 haha. It seems like a trend kinda, that they all leave at an older age. I won't say later because they leave when they are prepared, as they should! It's just that Ricardo has been working and Dario was actually inactive for a few years, but it's awesome having them to help. That's the best way to make sure the converts remain in the church! Because once they are baptized the missionaries have done the majority (not all yet) of their job, and the members are to help after that. I am grateful for all the information I'm learning here on the mission, because I want to be a better member missionary. And what better way than to experience both sides of the work??? It's amazing.
I forgot to mention Elder Kopischke´s talk last week, that was one of my favorites!! Well I just liked all of them. That's way cool that the three of you spoke, lucky Kate got left out of the mix haha but it does sound like it was a rather Gibbons-oriented sacrament meeting! 500 points for GIBBONS! (reference to Harry Potter.. that came out of nowhere haha)
Thanks for telling me about your cousin!!! That's so crazy how small the world is!!! Thank you for the picture too! I do recognize your cousin and I think I saw her daughter a few times too. It's just sad that East Ridge was the ward we did the least in, just because there weren't investigators, and their Sacrament Meeting was sandwiched between the other meetings we had every 9-hour Sunday! Good times though, I can't believe I didn't meet them personally though! That's crazy. And then about Jalen's compaion, that's so crazy too! Gotta love the connections! I've just had some interesting connections here too, like the family of Messi... and that's about it haha. Oh well, I guess every mission is different! But I loved that ward in Albuquerque, I really did!
And yes, that was my G at the top of the bowling score list. I did pretty well, broke my own personal record set in Albuquerque! So I was pretty proud of it. But the good thing is that we all had fun, even if we found out later we aren't allowed to bowl.... so that was kinda interesting when I told my comp about that haha.
Wow there is a lot going on in the family! Both sides, mejor dicho. So many moves, and possible moves, and then another cousin!! Sweet!!! :) Keep me updated on that. That will be the third cousin born on the mission that I haven't met yet... that's a weird feeling. Oh well at least they´ll be young still when I get back! I'll be there for the majority of their childhood right? :) Ever optimistic!
So with the moving, I realized that some of the lowest times on the mission are when you are focused on other things!!! I was way excited to move and have a good bathroom and shower and everything, but with all that in mind, and with limited time to go and work, I just felt like a normal kid, and I didn't like it one bit! I had a hard time waking up on time, doing my studies, and renewing that spirit of the work, and when Sunday came, I just felt exhausted and pretty sad. Thankfully the members are awesome and cheered me up, along with my comp, but it was a really stressful, hard week. I'm just glad to get a new week without distractions so we can just work!!! It feels like too long since we did real work, and I don't like it, even if it's just been a few days. But that just made me think a lot Sunday, I guess yesterday, about having to keep doing the simple things, the basics, like pray and read to keep your spirit uplifted and burning, and any other way, you just feel empty! So I have a very strong testimony about the importance of the little things! Please keep doing them as well, or please start doing it! You will see the light come into whatever dark situation or gloomy day, or bad attitude. It changes everything!
Well we are trying to play soccer again, hopefully it works out, but we gotta get going! I know this gospel is the biggest blessing that we can have in this life, and I want all of us to have the happiness that comes through the Savior, repentance, baptism, and the Spirit. The Spirit truly is the Comforter that Christ promised to the Apostles, because I have felt it personally, very strongly, and it's the best comforter anyone could have! I would challenge you all to increase your spirituality level because you will see everything turn out better, in all aspects of life. When we put God first, He promises us He will give the rest of our necessities to us, in abundance! Try it out, it really works! I love you all and hope you have a great week until next Monday! Keep up the good work, and don't forget the small and simple basics!
Elder Tyson Gibbons

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