Monday, January 20, 2014


Hey Dad! Wow is it really MLK day? That's crazy, I feel bad I don't know my own country´s holidays very well. But I do remember that we went and saw "Invictus," on MLK day one year, which is still one of my favorite movies to this day! I really like stories of people like that, for me they really are heroes, because they are a minority (sometimes an individual, even) standing against the world and fighting for what is right, and just, and fair. And I really feel like as members, as priesthood holders, as missionaries, and as God´s children here in the world, that's our life story every single day. And hearing stories of men and women so brave, gives me more reason to keep fighting. It's never going to be easy, but I am comforted knowing that at least I will never be alone.

Yeah we heard about the poor kids over there getting attacked by those biting fish, thank goodness we aren´t allowed to swim or anything, I´ve never been too fond of deep water. Even though boating and things don´t bother me too much, that just makes it a little worse.
Things are going well with Elder Bulva. He was in my district when I was in Maipu, in Rodeo del Medio. and he was in Colonia Bombal, with the bikes. Remember the picture I sent after my first intercambio on bikes? Yeah, so we already know each other. But he has been a Zone Leader for a while now, this is his 4th transfer as Zone Leader, so he knows the ropes a little more I guess, and he naturally takes charge of things, but for some reason President put me as Zone Leader 1, which I thought meant I had been in the area longer, but I guess it means senior comp? Either way, we decide everything as a companionship, that's how it should be. Equality is the only way to have the spirit. and another good thing is that he is very focused on having the spirit. So it's helping me a lot too. We teach really well together, and we´ve been finding a lot of families so that's the important thing!
As for knowing the zone a little better, we are going to be doing exchanges with every companionship this transfer, so I'll get to know them all a little more, which I am really excited about. That has always been my goal, to know who my people are, and help them feel and know that they can trust me and that I care about them. Dad, I guess you didn't need to tell me that advice, I think it just came naturally in my genes! And I always knew why people loved it when you coached us, because we all felt like we were worth something, and that helped the unity of the team. And even better, in consejo this month President talked about exactly that, getting to really KNOW and care for the missionaries in our zone. So I felt really good when he talked about that, I felt like I was getting the hang of things, and being right about a need of the zone here. So things are going well.
And some good news, Elder Bulva does play soccer! And pretty well! When Elder Alberro, Elder Bulva, and Elder Tapia and I made a team, we beat the other team really bad, so today we´re going to see if we have the same unity. So that should help use my soccer shoes a little!

Wow, that is awesome that there were 10 investigators in church! I have never had that many down here, I think my highest was 6 (not trying to compare or anything, just saying). That is awesome that the members are doing their job and the hermanas there must be working like crazy! The hermanas here, Hermana Hill and Hermana Sorensen, are just the same. They taught 19 lessons this week, not including lessons with less active families or recent converts, in total I think it was about 40ish. They are blowing us all out of the water, they are super dedicated. I´m glad they stayed together for a transfer more. They are huge examples for our zone.

Thank you for the quotes, I´ve noticed that in these last months, I´ve prayed more diligently and more faithfully, more like Enos did, and I´ve really been seeing results. It's not just a memorized prayer like it was many years ago, it's a conversation, and I´m getting better at the two way dialogue. Definitely important for my future life I think. But I'm really grateful for the power of prayer, I wouldn't be anything without it.

I love you Dad, and hope you have a good week and keep improving really really fast with your arm and knee! I would like to be able to play a little bit when I get back!

Hey Mom, well I basically talked about everything in the email I sent to Dad, so you can probably just post that one, I forgot to add you and Nathan and Kate when I said I love you, but that's why I´m writing this one!

But thank you for the just keep swimming quote, this transfer is going to be really good, but at the same time I´m going to keep that in mind, becase there will always be frustrations or difficulties, but I´m not too worried!

Wow Nathan is just turning out to be a little genius, huh? Wait, he is a sophmore this year right? I need to go to some games of his, and Kate's. Even if I´m going to be in school, I need a way to travel home sometimes!

We were eating lunch yesterday and the youngest daughter has 12 years, and they asked about my little sister and I automatically said 12, but then I remembered, "Wait, it's been almost 2 years... she´s almost 15! What the heck!!!!" So I can't believe she´s already turning heads. Good thing she isn't down here, I´m just a guy and get heads turning all the time, be it guys or girls, since I'm blond. I can't imagine for her! Tell her to stop her growth please!

Anyway, we´re going to play soccer again, yay! And probably more than once this transfer! But we´ve gotta go. I sent Dad´s email already, but it's really for all of you, I love you all! I miss you too, but don't worry haha, I´m too happy here for now! I have a lot more to do!

Elder Tyson Gibbons

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