Monday, January 13, 2014

I'm staying!

Hey Mom!

So yeah, New Years was alright! No, it wasn't my Rubiks Cube, it was from the elder that I replaced that day. And Dad we split up because we had divisions planned, so I knew it was going to happen anyway. except for the asado part, I didn't know about that. That just happened to take place while I was in the other area. Haha but I don't mind. Oh, and I bought a pair of soccer shoes and a soccer ball for Christmas, that's about it so far, if you were wondering. Thank you so much everyone!

I don't think President will ban soccer, he likes it too much! Plus it was just a random accident, it wasn't anything to do with aggression or competitiveness. So yeah, thank goodness! It's not like I'll get to play much in the next 5 months anyway, looking at the graph of my mission so far haha.

So yesterday was transfers, and I'm staying here, so thank goodness I don't have to pack or anything! I knew I was staying anyway. Elder Villegas is going to Godoy Cruz to be with his "son," and obviously he is really excited. He talks about him ALL the time haha, so I was pretty surprised to hear that President let him be with him for the last 6 weeks.

As for who is coming here, I'm going to be with Elder Bulva! It was a surprise, but only a little bit, because right before they called, I had that thought, and then when they told me, I wasn't even surprised. So yeah, it's going to be a good transfer!  I just really hope that it's not as hard of a transfer as this one has been, mentally and spiritually I mean.

We had a few other changes in the zone, but not too many. Elder Varney is coming from Justo Daract and will be here in the zone, hopefully I can talk a little bit with him. And Elder Gorge, the giant, is going to be with Elder Braithwaite in Godoy Cruz. Other than that, those are all the changes of elders that I know. We are getting two more hermanas, and the others are staying the same. Pretty crazy. 

We have a lot of potential investigators, it has just been really hard to get into their houses for a second time, and even for the first time for some of them. So yeah, Dad, we are definitely in the finding mode, it's necessary! And yeah, they all seem to be elderly people, but that's alright. If they are prepared, that's who we´ll teach!

Congrats to the nephew of Carrie! Argentina is the best! Even if he isn't coming to Mendoza, he´s going to love it!
And congrats Mom on your inviting efforts! On the mission that is how our interractions go with other people of other religions that are preaching, we always do an exchange! It's all we can do, right? Just invite. Since I have no problem against any religion, i don't want to be one of those who tries to tear their beliefs down. If someone did that to me, I´d feel quite terrible I think.

A huge conference of family history? That sounds really intense. Hopefully you can go and learn some cool stuff! And I know how Grandpa and Grandma feel, I'm really out of the loop will all that technology stuff (as weird as that sounds).

I´m glad Nathan is recoverng a little from the headaches, and that Kate is starting to miss sports! :) Sports are really fun, but you have to play with that focus, to have fun. Don't get too competitive. Aggressive is alright, but competitiveness doesn't always lead to good things... just saying.

And I'm glad Dad´s elbow is healing well! It was really weird to see him with a brace on Christmas, I had almost forgotten to expect that. And as for you Mom, a lot of people are getting sick around this time of year, down here I mean. Elder Villegas got heat exhaustion a couple days ago. Thankfully it wasn't too bad.

But anyway, since Elder Villegas is leaving, we have lunch with Alberto right now, and then I don't know what we´ll do. I wanted to play soccer but I don't think he wants to, and since he´s leaving, we´re going to do what he wants. So yeah, we need to go and buy a tie for Alberto, so I need to get going. I hope this week isn't too cold and everyone feels better healthwise and mentally and spiritually and physically! I know I´m praying for that! Mostly mentally and spiritually! I love you!

Elder Tyson Gibbons

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