Monday, June 24, 2013


Tyson with Elder Fullmer
Hey Mom!

Thanks for the pictures, Jack still looks like a beast keeper (I sent him some photos of a friend from his high school soccer team)! And I don't know how Jalen looks so happy if he lost all his luggage! That's just terrible. Once again, I feel like I'm receiving all his frustration and pain just thinking about it! This already happened when he knocked out his teeth (he was just laughing, and I wanted to throw up and curl up in a ball when I found out), so I guess I'll get used to receiving more of his pain and suffering in the future. Haha-I think they mixed up a few wires in the wiring between us twins....
So this last week was crazy. Elder Rogers and I had plans for the week, really good ones, and guess what? They all just fell!!! Haha-on Tuesday the leaders called us at 3 and told me I had to be in the terminal to go to Mendoza at 515, and that meant Elder Rogers had to pack everything to go to the other elders' pench. So we had a frantic two hours, then we barely made it to the terminal in time. So I spent the night in Mendoza, got to see Elder Hardy and Elder Abad, and then we had the whole morning and afternoon in the trainers meeting. But it was super cool because I got to see Elder Johnson again too, and since he is in Rodeo del Medio right now, we were talking for hours during lunch and everything about what's going on there. He is getting that area going again. They've already had some crazy miracle baptisms, so I'm happy for them! He can speak Spanish now haha, and he tells everyone I taught him, which isn't completely true. But anyway, instead of doing a weird game or anything to get our trainees, they just announced some stuff about us, the trainers, and then told us who it was. Pretty boring, huh? But I had a feeling from the first moment I met the new elders the night before that it would be Elder Fullmer! And guess who my trainee is?? It's Elder Fullmer!!! Haha-the grandson of President and Sister Miller in the New Mexico Albuquerque Mission! So within two transfers, I met both the elders I was waiting for, and now I'm with the second one haha. But I definitely am not training him in anything but the differences between Argentina and the States. I, on the other hand, have just put a little more wood in my fire to get working even harder now! He is awesome, already speaks well, doesn't understand everything yet, but that will come by the next few weeks. Everyone already compliments him, so that is good for the confidence :) He gave a little message yesterday in church, his fourth day in Argentina, and he said everything perfectly. It was very powerful, and everyone was wanting to talk to him after haha. I think that's the closest I've come in my short life to feeling anything close to the pride of a "father," and it was pretty awesome. He visa-waited in Ogden for two transfers in a Spanish branch, and that definitely helped his Spanish. But it's interesting that with him and his district mate, they were put together in Ogden, so two new elders together with a new area. The Lord definitely trusts these younger guys more! Same happened with the hermanas. We got four new ones this transfer too, and I got to know Hermana Hales and Hermana Crawford pretty well. And they were together in... wherever it was they were visa-waiting. Pretty crazy.
So it's getting constantly colder now, and I'm happy still since I feel quite a bit better, at least speaking of the allergies and everything. It's still cold and miserable, but I don't complain! And even this last week without seeing any of our investigators, that isn't making me complain either haha, but it did make for a low number week. But as always, numbers aren't everything, the people are more important. We just have to step it up this week and visit all of them and get them to come to church!! I've had this problem my whole mission, no one ever comes to church. I don't know what to do more! We have even tried involving the members here, and it still hasn't worked out. It's a little frustrating.
Yeah, last week we played Settlers of Catan, and I lost badly the first time, then destroyed everyone and won by a long shot the second time! I think it's the second time I've ever won that game. Haha-fun times. Then I won at Uno a bunch too. So a good last pday. Too bad Elder Rogers took the games with him... Now we don't have anything. And yes, my hair is slowly growing. It's to a point where I can stand it, at least for now haha.
Wow, that sounds like a perfect mission for Cara! (A friend just got called to Honolulu, Hawaii on her mission.) And I'm sure she will do well there.
I can't believe Malcolm knocked out his teeth! Now maybe he won't leave on his mission next month. Is he allowed to just go with the teeth-in-the-retainer/flipper thing? I know Jalen wanted to do that at first. I thought it wasn't allowed...interesting. Poor guy though. HAHAHA Brother Freer sitting on the stand with Bishop Rhead...that's a good picture. But he will do an awesome job. I didn't know the Pittards were moving! Tell them goodbye for me! And at least you won't have more cat wars in the garden haha.
Oh wow, that sounds like a cool Jamboree itinerary, although the touring part sounds way different than ours! I do wish I had my little cannon I bought from Gettysburg. I left it in the hotel there :/ sad times... I wish I had taken better care of all the stuff I bought. I feel like I'm missing a bunch of my souveniers from the Jamboree. Don't do the same, Nathan!
Well, that missionary broadcast meeting last night was probably the second highlight of the week, besides being with President and the other elders in Mendoza. Sadly, we only had one representative from our ward attend, the Bishop, so it doesn't help us all that much! He is already doing everything he can, so this just adds to his responsibility, and no one else will step up yet! Our members are great, I just wish they had been able to see the broadcast. Hopefully they get on and watch! It was awesome. I don't know when those internet changes are coming here, but it's going to be crazy when they do.
Other than that, it's going to be a good week! We are going to work really hard, and we already have good visits set up for tonight, so we are starting well! I just want to plan really well so Elder Fullmer can be at the level of training when he finishes this first transfer (I know I definitely wasn't to that level), and I'll work really hard to make sure he gets the best example he can!
Anyway, I need to go try to see if we got our money yet for the month for traveling. If not, it's going to be a long couple of days ahead haha. But I love you Mom! I hope things turn out well with all the crazy plans going on, and that you enjoy your quiet time for a little while! Thankfully our house never was super crazy in the first place.
Have a good week, and know that you are in my prayers always! I know this Church is true, and I'm glad we have such inspiring leaders who always help us improve and increase our capability to share the gospel. I hope that all of us can step it up to the level that the world is needing right now! There is only one way that has ALL of the tools that we need to achieve our goal, eternal happiness, and if that's what people really want, they will be willing to listen to their friends who love them and want them to have the same thing! Just share your testimonies and be sincere. My favorite quote from last night was by Elder Holland when he said "an invitation born from our true love for others and for the Savior will NEVER be taken as offensive." I know that is true. Those videos from the broadcast back me up on that! We need to reach the next level, and I know I'm definitely excited to be part of this big world-wide team, always advancing! Every change in this work is for the better! :) And I love the invitation Elder Holland always makes, for those who haven't joined, and those who have joined and after have taken detours, to come back, because our arms are always wide open. It's part of living as a Christian, to love all without reservations. It's worth it, I know it is!
Elder Tyson Gibbons

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