Monday, June 3, 2013


Hey Mom!
Alright, first things first, this cyber we are at isn't very good, I can't use the usb or anything, and the internet is bad. The rule changed so now we can't go to centro, we have to stay in our district. Our district just got messed up with that, since none of us have good cybers, and only Albardon in the middle of nothing has an ATM and a store that takes cards! So yeah, we'll try and survive I guess. I think the download thing can work from your email (speaking of the CD), but this computer can't even open the link, it's pretty crappy. So yeah... I'll try in another cyber, and let you know next week!
Anyway, more positive note! So today is a nice brisk day, I'm going around with my scarf and my sweater, and it's nice weather. I stand out a little bit with a bright blue sweater and yellow hair. I'm still not used to people staring so much... be it guys, girls, grandparents or little kids. But the weather is getting a bit colder, which is nice, although that's what I thought two weeks ago... and then this past week we had four days of sonda, or the really really strong, really hot wind all day, and it lowered my blood pressure a bunch and I still feel pretty pathetically weak and lightheaded and sick today, although Saturday was worse. But yeah, other than the health, things are going well!

So yesterday we had interviews with President! It was way cool, although it used up our whole Sunday. We were scheduled at five, but then we got put back like three hours. We had our interviews at 8ish, so yeah... it was interesting. Also there was a fireside for young single adults, so that was awkward too. Just a bunch of guys and girls filling the hallways of the chapel, staring at us weirdos, the elders. Talk about awkward. But we had fun. I got a few more letters, and sent some stuff to the familia Gutierrez in Rodeo. My interview was still only 3 minutes, but that's okay. He gave me some advice for our area, and I know it'll help us see a little more progress with the ward. Also, he told me (just like when I was leaving Justo Daract) that Elder Rogers is leaving next transfer, and now I have no idea what's going to happen for transfers! He always does this to me. How suspenseful, no?
Speaking of Rodeo! Elder Albero just informed me that he left halfway through the transfer and is now in... Villa Mercedes, San Luis! And guess who left to go to Rodeo? Elder Johnson! How weird is that. Hopefully he keeps that place going.
Alright, can I ask for a few things?? Sorry, I hate asking. But I just really, really want some marshmallows hahaha. Pretty random, but it's been so long. I do't know how or when you'd send them, but if you send a package for Christmas or something, can you remember marshmallows? Thanks.
Well, we are going to go eat lunch so we can meet up with the other elders and do something fun with this new rule change, so I'll finish soon. Plus this cyber is driving me crazy. Same two songs over and over haha.
But, to fill in a little bit on what's going on here. So we've decided we are going to focus a lot on references, or referrals is what I think we called them in the States, because we need new people. I've realized that it just isn't that hard to talk to someone, see how they are doing, learn a little bit, and talk about the gospel, and if they don't want anything, we ask for a friend, or family members, or in the extreme cases, we say "we´re going to knock on that door over there, with the nice car. Doesn't matter their religion, we are going to do it, but do you know what their name is or if it's a family or what?" And they don't feel weird answering, because it's an easy answer. Usually we ask a more general question and they ALWAYS say well, it's just that this neighborhood is all Catholic and they won't listen. And we´re just thinking OH GOODNESS, we just told you we talk with anyone haha. But yeah, this week we´ll be working with that.
Also, cool experience. On Saturday when I was feeling dead, we tried to pass by a person we found last week, who wasn't there, so we walked next door and Elder Rogers decided we´d go the other way, and so when I turned around, this lady said "Well aren't you going to buy anything? You said hola, but you're going to walk away?" So, since all of you know me well, I felt way bad, so I went and bought some fruit (gottta eat more healthy, I feel it taking a toll on me) and then I just decided to take advantage of the opportunity, so I asked her some questions, and then she just said one sentence that just blew us away. She said "si no fuera por el fumar, seria mormon" or translation, if it wasn't for the cigarretes, I would be Mormon. We hadn't said our church or anything yet, but she told us EVERYTHING she loved about our church, told us what she's having struggles with, and we told her about more stuff in the church, which got her to be even more interested, and we ended by inviting her to church and asking to come back. And she said in essence PLEASE come back. So, we are going to help her out a lot. She definitely needs it. But I felt like it was a miracle for still trying so hard all day, even when I felt absolutely dead and tired of not finding people. It was like Dad said in his email today, if we do all we can, give it all we´ve got, it's kind of like obligating the Lord to help us, and He did just that. So don't ever give up on anything! When we keep trying through whatever is going on in life, which can be pretty rough sometimes, I know, we get even more blessings for staying strong and trying even harder. Works every time, I promise.
Anyway, I gotta get going, but I love you Mom! Hopefully we'll be in a better cyber next week, so I can be more tranquilo and get that music too. Thank you for everything, all the updates (glad Nathan is having fun driving, and that Kate is more adventurous than all of us, being all alone with random people. It will help her well for the mission!) Have a good week, and remember that trials and problems come not so that we just endure it, but so that we learn to overcome them and solve them! Which way is better for us in the end? Obviously the second. Because we´ve learned something, we´ve progressed, and we´re ready to take on more ! Nothing better than that. :)

Elder Tyson Gibbons

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