Monday, May 13, 2013

Una Buena Visita!

With the bishop's wife and other elders in Rodeo del Medio
Saying goodbye to Rodeo del Medio and Elder Alberro
At Tyson's new apartment in Alberdon (they do have regular beds too)
Tyson's Mother's Day dinner--fry bread! 
Hey Dad!

That was a very relaxing par de horas talking to you all. I was expecting to be an hour and chau, but the zone leaders didn't come back until an hour later than they had planned, and well it's easy to lose track of time, isn't it? I'm very grateful for the time, however much it was, to talk with you.

Well I'm assuming this email from you yesterday is probably the one you are going to send me for today, so I figured I'd better answer since mom hasn't written me yet! (I´m probably going to be coming to cyber about this time while I'm in this new area, so if anyone is going to write me, they should probably do it Sunday).

I'm still impressed that in the dinosaur age (just kidding) like 20 yeras ago, only a phone call was allowed (he's referring to when his dad was on his mission--no skyping!.) It's truly a blessing to be able to see and hear live what the others look and sound like! And I'm sure it has nothing to do with your faith, I´m sure your parents were worried just as much! I don't even know what it will be like when my kids serve missions, holographic chat or something? Star Wars style haha.

You mentioned some elders being too focused on positions in the mission... It was a bigger thing in New Mexico than I´ve noticed here in Mendoza, but it's still a plague in pretty much every mission. I'll admit, in New Mexico I met the APs and I was determined to be like them, but my mindset changed from being at their position to actually being good elders like them. It's a small change, but makes all the difference. I noticed it here too, and I told my district in Rodeo del Medio my first transfer about that change in perspective I had had (I won't lie, I was kinda saying it for one of the elders there, since he was having some ego attitudes), and when I said it, it was like I didn't know it until I finished talking, and then I felt that idea engrave itself basically on my mind, and it's stuck with me ever since. I don't want anything to do with that craze for power or position really. I love verse 36 in chapter 60 of Alma. It's become a personal motto.

And that also is quite a low blow to me too, being so far away, that they say the missionaries hate Mountain Home. I know I never did anything to help them when I was there, but it just reminds me of how all the elders talk about Justo Daract. I fear that when missionaries believe those attitudes about a place they've been assigned, they miss the opportunity to shape the rest of their missions and lives in the future by overlooking all the learning opportunities. Not that I'm any more mature than any other missionaries, but I´ve been there and I feel like I took hold of the situation properly. Hopefully they can overcome those feelings! I know Mountain Home is not an easy area, I hardly remember any missionary work ever going on. But those are the places you LEARN the most from.

Well we´re going to go meet up with some more elders and play ping pong or pool or whatever else there is to do! Tell Mom I'm sorry again, and also tell her that yes we are going to go shopping today, so I won't starve haha. I actually made some fry bread last night, and that filled me up. Who would have thought that you can eat well with flour, water, and some boiling oil?? I love you Dad, and I´m glad to know that you are proud of me. It really does make all the differnce. Sometimes, even though recognition shouldn't be sought after, it can be hard to keep doing what you´re doing when you don't know if anyone is actually paying attention or cares. Happens a lot on the mission, that's for sure. But I know I have my family behind me, and lots of good friends, and I feel extremely blessed for that.

I love you! And I'll talk to you in another week. Sorry I didn't share much about me, it's just that we talked about everything yesterday haha.

Elder Tyson Gibbons

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