Monday, May 12, 2014

Jalen's home!

Hey Mom and Dad!

Well this will probably be short as well haha, considering the good time we had to talk last night. It was really good to see everyone!

Anyway, last night I started feeling a little sick, I think I had a fever all night, and woke up feeling the same haha. So poor Elder Wright and I are both just chilling in the "quarantine room" in the offices. Well, I´m not right now, I had to see my email haha. But don´t worry, it's already wearing off. Elder Hardy and I (he finally got back from Guaymallen today!! Poor guy!) are going to San Juan tonight. I´m going to work with Necochea, Elder Higdon (from San Rafael, my Idaho bro) and his comp, Elder Ransom! And then Thursday morning I´ll head to my last area, Albardon!!! I´m so excited! It's going to be a great week. Just the fact of returning to a few areas that I already know makes me super happy and gives me the last motivation to keep working until the last day, which I am going to do. I don´t feel weird about coming home, because I´m not even going to think about it until the day that comes. It's a good philosophy, it's helped me stay focused for the last two years.

Haha, tell Jalen to just stay calm, he´ll have his companion in a week :) Meanwhile, we will both feel pretty weird as we do some traveling solo. Still not used to that yet.

Anyway, I think Elder Hardy needs to go do some shopping today, so I´m going to see if he wants to go do that now. I hope you all have an AMAZING week! Just like I know I will! I love you all so much! And the next time we talk, well, it might not be by email!!

Elder Tyson Gibbons

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