Monday, April 7, 2014


Hey Mom and Dad,

Alright we´re in the other cyber, a little bit less pressure now for writing! Although I don't have much to write anyway, the Conference and the leadership council were basically everything this last week! Not much time to get out and do the normal work! But the Conference was amazing, one of the best that I´ve seen in my few years of enjoying Conference to the fullest! We got to see all the sessions, with the only satellite failure in the talk on Sunday of the sister, I don't remember her name, sorry, when we missed the story of that boy on the street. But that was the only inconvenience haha! But I really liked Elder Aidukaitis´ talk about recognizing truth, and Elder Ballard´s talk about following up, and Elder Bednar´s talk as well. I really liked all of them.  Especially the gratitude one, and the one about love (well there were a few, all really good!). I don't have my notes on me, but I was very satisfied after the Conference. Now I have 6 months to apply everything.

Anyway, one of the biggest surprises of the day yesterday was a call we received between sessions. We had just started eating, and we get a call, I look at the phone and it's Presidente Ávila. So I talked to him for a few minutes, and it was bascially an ahead-of-schedule transfer update, telling me that I was going to be traveling the entire mission for the last six weeks! I´m going to be doing intercambios with elders all over the mission, helping them improve their planning and teaching (still don't really understand why me, but I don't doubt the choice President made, so I´ll do everything I can to help). But yeah, my companion for the few days that I´m not with other people in their areas, is Elder Hardy! Awesome, right?? So we´re going to be traveling all over the mission together. I guess we´ll see if I get to go to any old areas or see any old companions, although many of them are home anyway! But that's the news for changes. I leave Villa Mercedes for the second and last time of my mission. It's sad, I even had an asado promised me by the Familia Giordano, who came to our talent show on Friday (turned out great by the way! They asked Elder Rainock to sing a song, and it was really good. I was the only one who understood haha, but it was really good.) Sadly, I think something happened to my sd card and I lost 5 of the 8 videos :(  oh well.. stuff happens!

I´m sad to leave this area and ward, and Elder Rainock. It was probably one of the best transfers I´ve had, absolutely no problems between companions, and just working hard and having fun doing it! Maybe I´ll come back to Villa Mercedes within these 6 weeks, but I don't know yet.

Anyway, I can't believe the first week of April is over! Oh and happy birthday Church (yesterday, 184 years since the Restoration, and many many centuries before that!). I´ll be turning 21 in no time, I feel like. Oh and just so you know, in the leadership council, Presidente Ávila received an email from the Area Seventy presidency, saying that parents should not send packages anymore, to anywhere in Argentina, because they simply won't get through. It's not prohibited, but it's 90% likely that the stuff they send will never make it to their Elder or Sister. Sad, huh? I´m glad I at least got most of mine! (Still have two chances to get my other two Christmas packages...)

The area is being left in good hands and also in good shape! We have a lot of people to teach, just lots of them needing to get married first, so that's something that will be a focus this next month! 

Anyway, I think most of us are focusing on having an attitude of gratitude. I definitely will be improving that as I am traveling so much and sleeping on old mattresses and living-out-of-a-suitcase level 2 (since these two years have been like that already, now just on a different level). Gratitude is going to be a big factor! But I have a good start, I can't believe how great this time has been until now! And now I hope to get the final refining to start off well in a matter of months! I love you all and hope you can find success applying the many things we learned this weekend! Gratitude, diligence, obedience, love, whatever it may be! Choose one, and work on it till you improve it a lot, and choose another! It's all part of life! 

Elder Tyson Gibbons

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