Monday, October 21, 2013


Three mission calls

I´m sorry dad is feeling sick! I´ve felt good for quite awhile now, probably because the heat down here just fries any type of disease or bug that exists! It's getting so hot! And I just barely got my clean short sleeve shirts back yesterday, so I´ve been cooking in my long sleeve shirts for a week or so. Not fun.
Oh sorry, hola todos!
So I´m just going to start by saying, we don't have transfers yet! And we won't have them until tomorrow afternoon or night, but either way, you won't know where I am at until next Monday! Haha isn't that awesome?  We don't know anything except that Elder Thurgood is the new Assistant replacing Elder McBride! I was always thinking about that possibility, he was pretty shocked. But we don't know anything else. SO! I´ll just let you know next week, sound good? For some reason I´m not nervous this time though. Not sure if it's because I´m staying and I´m happy or I´m going and I´ve been here long enough and worked hard. Guess we´ll find out!

That sounds like a really cool mini reunion that Grandma and Grandpa had! In Madrid, or all places! Yes when we went there Kelly and her mom and I--and a couple of the Baldridges came with us--we went to the temple, and took pictures all over the place there. I remember wondering how it would be to be in that MTC. I wonder if Elder Judd and Elder Daines from the MTC enjoyed their 6 weeks in the MTC with all Spanish! I would've been scared out of my mind.
Wow the varsity is going to State, huh? Playing against a team from Preston! That's way cool, Elder Reynolds in our zone is from Preston, and now Elder Squires is living there too. But go Mountain Home! 
That soccer team party sounds like a blast, wish I could´ve been there! (Not really, I´d much rather be here!) But mostly the pizza part makes me want to have been there. I miss real pizza. And soccer. But that can all wait, there´s no rush!  I think that's hilarious that Oscar can tell us apart and not Jared and Josh. Do they look a lot alike now? I guess they´ve probably grown quite a bit. Keep me updated about State!
Whoa, so does that mean Drew is going to be in The District 3??? Haha probably not, but that means he´d better do his best constantly, and how crazy is it that Eric was his greeter? Way crazy. They both look a lot older with the nametag!
So this last week I did another baptismal interview for a man names S_____. He´s only 22, barely older than me, but he is so cool. He got baptized Saturday and is already helping his mom get baptized too. And his friends and some more family members. Just like what we want everytime! We´re still trying to get the familia Muñoz on that boat, helping their family members. We´ll get it eventually. But Valentín gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting yesterday, and it was VERY impressive. He was talking with such confidence and the spirit was even stronger right when he started talking, and even though he´s been a member for 2 months, he gave one of the best, most simple talks I´ve heard in my whole life. So that's one down for him, one for Lucila, and now María has been assigned to speak next Sunday! Don't know if I´ll be here, but I know she´ll do awesome too.  I love that family so much.
So this week we worked a lot with some less active families, and we got one of them to come back to church. He brought his girlfriend with him, who seems very interested in the church, whether by curiosity or because she realizes that it can help her boyfriend change some things in his life, which I´m sure she would love, to be a better example for their son. So that was a really good achievement, and now we´re just going to help them learn more and keep coming! I´ve noticed that when people go inactive, they always have SOOO many questions, but since they never got answered, maybe they distanced themselves from the church, and now they´re all surfacing again, so we´re doing our best to answer them. But if we can help the son and his girlfriend, then through them we can better help the other members of the family of the son. It's a big family... imagine if they all came to church! 
And the family that Elder Hone and Elder Southwick found is doing well. They have trouble reading, since their house is a crazy house with so many little kids running around, but we keep meeting more members of the family, and they all love listening to us, so this week we are going to try and do a church tour and get them to church next Sunday! They want to make changes in their life, but until they come to church and read and pray, they won't know how to change, so we´re helping them with that. But the good thing is that they all want to listen to us! They just couldnt come yesterday, since yesterday was Mother´s Day down here, EVERYONE used that excuse for whatever thing, it was kind of annoying. But Happy Argentine Mother´s Day Mom! And all you other moms! And also happy birthday Kenzie and Blake!
Well I feel like I don't have much information to tell you about, since we don't know transfers yet. But I´ll let you know next week! We´re going to go and do something fun for our last p-day with all of us together, so I will talk to you all next week! I love you Mom and Dad! And Nathan and Kate! 
And thanks a bunch for the pictures! It's good to see Justin and Karissa and the kids again, it's been a long time!  And little Ava too!

Elder Tyson Gibbons

PS--The picture is of Elder Southwick, Karla, and me. Karla got her mission call last Friday and is going to the Sao Paulo, Brasil mission! She´s super excited and wanted us to take a picture with our three mission calls! Classic picture, an old elder (me D:) a new elder (Elder Southwick) and a soon to be hermana!

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