Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Hey Mom! Hope you had an awesome 4th of July!!! Well it sounds like you did, so I´m glad. Ours was pretty good, we had a meeting with Bishop and only he knew what day it was, but we had to remind him, so it was a pretty unexciting day haha. But I was wearing red, white, and blue as proudly as I could! I felt patriotic at least! And that's what matters. We started the day listening to the Ezra Taft Benson talk that I told you about earlier, so that got our patriotic side going pretty well! I'll send pictures, but I didn't get many because well, we didn't do much haha. But that's alright!
So we had bought an ice cream cake from Grido´s on Monday after Elder Smith played a prank on us and told us that I was getting special transferred the next day and Elder Fullmer would need to know the area. So we both were pretty freaked out, me because I started thinking about any complaint I´d had in the last weeks and started apologizing right there on the spot hahaha, and he because well he´s been here two weeks, doesn't know the area or the names and wouldve been completely hung out to dry (that's a phrase used in the states right?) So yeah, then he told us he was kidding, but I had felt so bad and nervous that I bought a cake hahaha so we ate that Thursday night as well, and had a little fire out back because we had to get rid of some things. So that was what we did! Pretty exciting huh? 
I´ve just happened to see the preview for Despicable Me 2 like four times, and it made me pretty sad that I won't see it haha, but I imagined all of you going with your minion shirts and enjoying it, so that's good enough for me for now! I can't believe they had never seen the first one?? We invited Scott and Jenn over at Thanksgiving I think, that was super fun! It's definitely a classic, and I´m glad to hear that it didn't disappoint!
Yeah I saw that Mormon Message in the MTC, it was really amazing! That's way cool that you saw them there, even if you didn't talk to them. 
Wow, Nathan leaves on Saturday?? Crazy... I explained the whole trip to a member we ate with on Saturday, and he was just drooling all over the place, he was way jealous. Haha then I told him how I didn't write in my journal, didn't know what happened to my pictures, and had left a bunch of stuff in different hotels and whatnot, and that just made us laugh. But then I really did feel bad that I had lost a bunch of stuff from the Jamboree... hopefully that will be a difference for Nathan, he won't be as young and forgetful as I was! He will have Dad there for the touring part though, so that will help.
Wow, it sounds like it's pretty hot up there right now. Everyone tries to tell me that it gets sooo super hot here, and i just tell them well where I live it's the same, and they never believe me. Sure, the sonda makes it quite miserable sometimes, but good ol' Mountain Home has had its rough days too! I just hope the wildfires don't go crazy like last year. I will be rearranging our sleeping area today because I can't sleep in the corner anymore. There is a vent that I didn't see that just lets in cold air all ngiht, and it keeps me from sleeping peacefully because I wake up freezing every hour! Even with all the clothes I put on. So that will hopefully help and I won't be as tired this week. I've just woken up feeling like I haven't slept at all recently, so I'll be working on fixing that problem. Thankfully it doesn't affect Elder Fullmer, who is still going strong with his desires to work hard! He keeps me going, that's for sure. 
Hey so Elder Fullmer just told me that his family that lives over in Austria or something just told him how an Elder Gibbons had been teaching a recent addition who married into the family who plays professional hockey.... So guess what??? Well first of all, he got baptized! I dunno if Jalen knows that yet, I think he does, but then the second thing is that he helped convert part of Elder Fullmer´s family! How small of a world is that? He got way excited when he found that out, just came runnning over to my computer with a huge smile on his face and blurted it out haha, but it's way cool! 
So some bad news this week is that yesterday, none of our people could come to church! And it was all for the same reason, a birthday party. Since those are way big deals down here, and ALWAYS on Sunday, we couldn't get anyone here. :/ But we aren't too worried because they all told us they wanted to come, and that they will come next week, so we´ll just make sure to have a really good week and talk to them all and get them to come again!!! We had really good visits with A_____ and S_____, but we didn't get to talk to the flia M_____ ONCE during the week. Talk about frustrating! She comes to church and then we don't talk during a whole week. Oh well, we are going tomorrow for sure! 
But other than that, we have realized we need to focus a little more on finding this week, because we have really good people we are teaching, and once they get baptized, well who else will we visit? So I realized that all of them came from me and Elder Rogers talking with random people in the street... so we´ve gotta start doing some more of that!  Because we always need to have people to be teaching. I don't know how many will get baptized this month, but I know that they will without a doubt, and that's good enough for me, and it will be a good start for Elder Fullmer! 
Anyway, yeah we sitll get along just fine. I haven't emailed his grandparents or anything, but it's becauseI don't know the address.They just recently got released as mission president this last week, so they are done and back home! But yeah, I would love to see the picture of Tyler and them! Did they still take a picture in front of the temple?
Alright, well today is a holiday and we have to go buy groceries and stuff, so I gotta get going. Tomorrow is their Independence Day but I guess to avoid cutting the work week in two, they move it to Monday and everyone is going crazy today. But that means tomorrow at least will be a more tranquilo day hopefully! Good day to visit the flia M_____, A_____, S_____, and the others! 
So I found some ineteresting scritpures in Ephesians yesterday, chapter 4, talking about how the final goal of the gospel of Christ is to bring everyone in union with everyone else, to have one faith, in Him, and have everyone have the same knowledge and testimony, and just thinking about that, well that sounds like a MUCH better world than the one we live in today. It's in verses 11-15 , it's a really nice little section. Gives me hope that yes, this world, as bad as it is, still has the same goal, and all of us Christians--Catholics, Protestants, Evangelists, whatever it may be, who believe in this same Bible, should all be working towards that unity that the world really really really needs right now. So let's all just keep on going forward! We can't do it all ourselves, but we can help push it along for sure!

I love you Mom, and hope you enjoy the week without Nathan! ;) Just kidding, I know it's always hard. But you can have more quiet time to work in the garden or something! And I hope you don't burn up too bad doing that. The heat is always the problem! Thanks for always updating me on everything. I'll talk to you next week!

Elder Tyson Gibbons

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