Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hola padre!
The weather has been quite a bit better. I love the fall, it's starting to arrive bit by bit. Although the last week was nice and cool and then ended with super hot days. And this week is starting the same, but the weather says it's in the 60s later this week! How great! I'm excited. Of course you're showing off the iphone (a weather app), but I'm sure people enjoy laughing at our misery, whether from the heat or the cold. Kate wants to go to Ecuador ahora?? That would be cool. I would like to go back.

This week was alright. Lots of traveling, so really we had two days of work in our area, since we were helping the other areas. But what can you do, a leader has to do his part to help those he leads! And Elder Galicia is plenty busy doing that. He's a good example for me. Supposedly soon we are going to get more missionaries, so we´ll see if your training prediction comes to pass. But I still haven't gotten any other packages besides Jenn and Scott's. Maybe tomorrow, we have zone conference so that will be cool! I'm excited for that. I always love seeing President Avila, he just has a happy spirit about him always that lifts all those who are in his presence.
I guess I inhereted your genes then, because I feel like I've always suffered from the same thing, having a hard time forgiving myself. But the good thing is we are never alone, mire (see) I´ve got you and the Savior so how is it possible to fail?
Thanks for your comments on the Book of Mormon, it's funny how I've been realizing all these things about the same time you say them. This last week we had a big focus on using the Book of Mormon because it clarifies so many doctrines that aren't clear in the Bible, and that's why we have baptisms of babies and other things like that. But one thing I found was the treasure of 2 Nephi 2 about the fall of Adam and the plan of salvation! I'm never going to skip the chance to share that, because it's a common thought today that it was a big sin and we could all be living in paradise with God if they hadn't done that. We shared verses 22 to 25 with an investigator and she was SO excited at the end of the lesson because she understood finally about all that confusion! Now the problem is just we have to find her new house, beause she asked us or basically begged us to come back the next week, but they had a problem with the renter and had to move. So we don't want to lose that excitement! So yeah, that's going to be an interesting challenge. But we´ll do it.
The Book of Mormon really is everything, it is so clear. I've always had more trouble understanding the Bible and Doctrine and Covenants, but even though I've gained a love for those too now thanks to the mission, I have ALWAYS loved the Book of Mormon, because I could understand the basics, and now I'm just finding all the more profound things. ¿que tal? I guess I did have room to improve here on the mission. Haha I already knew that, I wasn't anywhere near this level then.

I haven't heard anything about the new missions in Argentina, but Elder Galicia didn't believe me when I told him there were 9 or 11 new missions in Mexico, haha pretty funny. But that's cool that Mountain Home is in the Twin Falls mission now! Elder Ashby from my last area is a good friend, and lives in Twin Falls, and went to BYU, so there s a pretty good chance I'll try and visit him sometime. I would love to visit all my friends from the mission, but it could be hard! I'll try my best. Life certainly takes off after the mission, right?
Well Mom just barely wrote me literally right now, but we are playing soccer finally again with the other elders and I need to go. But I will write back later! Tell her that for me. Anyway, thank you for your always humorous yet uplifting emails. It's a true divine gift I believe to be able to insert humor with teaching, I've found you are good at that, and it also helps break down the ice with people you talk to. So thanks for your example, maybe I'll have that in my genes hidden somewhere to reveal itself in later times! I love you, and hope this week is just as good as the others. Until next week,
Elder Tyson Gibbons

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