Monday, January 14, 2013

Buenas tardes! y felices siestas!!

Buenas tardes! y felices siestas!! (sarcasm)
Hopefully none of you are taking the siesta and sleeping. That would make me upset, just like EVERY person here hahaha. It makes the work mighty hard sometimes. But, really I do hope you have all enjoyed this week! I have certainly had good times and great times and low times, but that is life, no? The one thing that really rubs me the wrong way right now is the heat. I haven´t burned yet, acutally mentiras I got a little burned today, but I don´t even care, because I got to play FUTBOL!!!!!! Finally, it was such a relief. And plus I always love surprising the latinos with my unexpected albeit limited skills. Haha I just like seeing their attitude change during the first 10 minutes. It goes from "this gringo is a pallazo, this will be easy" to "okay I should probably take this a little more seriously, he´s fast" haha. I don't mean to boast, I don't have any talents that I have gained myself, they are all from Heavenly Father, but I do feel a little relieved knowing people have a different perspective about me. I get enough weird looks every day from, well, everyone, it's nice to get some stares in a good uplifting way for a change! (P.S. my team won 14-8! Whoo! I just don't like playing on dirt. But that's just my spoiled American experience saying that.)
So yeah, this week has been full of surprises, plenty of walking, and lots of sun and dirt! But really good lessons and really good lunches too. One of our lunches every week is SOOOOO FAAAAARRRRR, like 2 or 3 miles from the pench, in the midday sun, and I started to think that I was going to cancel this lunch when Elder Galicia leaves, or move it to once a month. Of course I was being selfish thinking that. But just then I found a 2 peso coin (really rare, really cool) in the dirt, and I forgot about all the bad. Funny how things happen sometimes right? Being a conseecrated dedicated servant of the Lord definitely doesn't have any space for me being selfish, so there is always something to take my thoughts off myself. I'm not saying I am a super selfish person in total, I have had my moments that's for sure, but there isn't room for ANY of that right now. So, I will be learning a bit more of that in this area, those are my predictions. Anyone else have predictions for me? Just for jest, I really don't know if any of it will come to pass (wow, I sound like a scripture nerd saying that phrase) haha anyway...
We have right now a good list of progressing investigators, and almost all of them have dates for baptism this weekend or the next, so we will have a busy week this week for sure, making sure things work out smoothly, since it's in these vital moments that Satan likes to throw a wrench in the gears. SO, as players on the other team, we have our work cut out for us. But that's what we do, so it's nothing new! Haha. We have a lot of potential here in our area, which is good because the area of the other elders is rough at times, since it's all campo and they have bikes (I can't wait to do divisions with them, I need a photo on a bike. I won't be a full, true missionary until I have ridden a bike in my shirt, tie, and nametag.) and the area of the 4 hermanas is... soooo hard. It's amazing that they still find people to teach, we spent a day there helping them, and we barely helped at all. This week me and Elder Galicia, the leaders of the zone, and the assistants are going to have a white storm in the area of the hermanas to try and get things going again. The hermanas are amaizng, infintely more spiritual, dedicated, and patient than the elders. It's no coincidence that the Lord lowered the age for guys and girls to serve. The world needs more of the hermanas' spirit! That's for sure. But anwyay, being in our area has its benefits, we have plenty of people, and the ward members are really great helpmeets for us (that word's from the bible, right? It just came into my mind. How peculiar....) so, no complaints there! I just really need something to make me sleep. I haven´t slept an entire night for the last couple weeks, and it's starting to take a toll on me. I wake up constantly every night, sometimes scratching my feet and legs because mosquitos have eaten me up, or sometimes to turn around from the lights of the street, and sometimes to pull my blanket over me, or to take the blanket off and throw it accross the room because it's soo hot. Haha any suggestions? I will look for a little fan today Mom, but I don't know what the price is going to look like. I'll keep that in mind though, I really need to start sleeping well. The pillow I bought helped for a transfer, but it doesn't do anything for the heat. I've heard of elders who shower in their garments then get in bed, to be more cold, but I just don't have the ganas to do that. It doesn't seem all that hygienic really. Anyway, if you have any suggestions, let me know!
Dad looked up the fotos and they showed up green?? I know we are surrounded by vineyards and things, but those are on the outskirts of the area, between most of the neighborhoods is just plain desert. Haha I dunno if those fotos are during fall or spring or something? I haven't seen the green really. :/
Wow that snow day that wasn't a snow day sounds ridiculous. Everyone here always asks if it is snowing where I live, and I explain, yes it's winter, we don't get a ton of snow like the movies (that's where they learn everything... movies. Haha so, I explain a little more realistically) but yes it's nice and cold there. But it looks like the schoool district still hasn't changed! There were a few ugly driving days my last two years, and we didn't get anything haha. Oh well.
So is Jalen´s new companion right from the MTC? Doesn't that mean... he is training? Just want to clear that up.
Anyway, not much else new down here, just more heat every day, and good lessons and good progression, basically my vision of the mission before I left. So, I really can't complain, since I am living my visionary dream mission life right now! :)
Well, we are headed to shopping soon to eat and buy some things for this next week, so I should probably get going! I am sorry I don't have a big huge paragraph or something spiritual that I have learned, but I forgot my little notebook at home with all my great quotes, so it will have to wait until next week! And I even forgot my sd card to put more talks on, so that was a big mistake on my part. Sorry, but just remember that whenever we feel like we have hit the wall, we can't go any further, we can't do any more, we can't give any more, we can't sacrifice any more, we can't go on... it's just like running, you jump that wall and leave it behind you, forgetting about yourself and the pain and the worry and the doubt and the sickness and the jeers of those telling you you can't do it. Anything with that kind of character does not come from our Heavenly Father. So, who do we turn to to overcome that wall? The person who has power over everything, the person that created this world, the plants, the light, the animals, and the most complex being, all of us. Just think about that knowledge, that power, that ability. And then remember that He is our Father, and He knows what is best for us, and He is there to help us get over these walls. but also, something very important, is to remember that He is not always going to take away the wall, but He is always going to give us the strength to climb it, or even go through it. Like He did for the Nephites and the people of Alma and Limhi with the slavery to the Lamanites, in the book of Mosiah. He didn't make their problems lighter, or disappear, even better, he gave them the strength to bear them. It's just like that in life! If He takes our struggles away, we will never be strengthened or learn, and the next time it comes, we are in the same situation. If He strengthens us and we overcome, there isn't going to be another time like that. We will have learned and become strong enough to push forward, and it makes it all the easier for us. Surely He is our Father in Heaven, and surely He knows the best for us! All that is left to do is turn to Him and trust in Him. Hard thing to do at times, but that's only because we don't remember all the great things He has done for us and for our loved ones, throughout all time, since the beginning. We have no reason to fear. If we are on the right side, nothing can overtake us if we are planted at God´s side, and are doing all the things that He asks of us. This church is true, and I am grateful for my ever-progressing personal relationship that I have developed and started with my Heavenly Father. It gives me the courage, the strength, and the will to carry on. So if that is what any of you need right now, well there is the solution. Turn to Him.
I love all of you! Hope this week is full of surprises and full of joy and happiness, even better than the last one! Remember, we are only in the third week of January, we haven't even reached the second month! Keep on going strong with any goals you have. After 40 days trying as hard as you can, those things will become habit basically. It all depends on our efforts ;)

Elder Tyson Gibbons

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