Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Visa update

Hola familia!
So I know it's Wednesday and I'm not supposed to be emailing, but well it's kind of important. So I got a call from President Miller this morning, and I thought I was in trouble or something. But..... MY VISA WENT THROUGH! :) So yeah, I'm headed to Argentina with Elder Braithwaite, Elder Chipman and Elder Egbert on August 27th. President Miller gave me some info for the flights and things.

So Monday August 27th: American Airlines (dang, no special treatment from Delta! :P ) flight (don't know the flight #) leaves from Albuquerque to Dallas at 2:20 pm, we land in Dallas at 5:05 pm, then have a layover until 7:15 when we head to Buenos Aires! That flight will be 10 1/2 hours long, and with the time change it will be 7:35 am on Tuesday August 28 when we land in Buenos Aires. We don't know how we're getting to Mendoza from there, probably a long bus ride, but we'll figure it out when we get there I guess! :) I'm way excited. I'm shaking just writing to you about it. So let everyone know!!! I'm gonna miss it here, I really am. I'm actually kinda sad that I'm leaving already, just been here 5 weeks almost and have met so many awesome people, and I 've actually been telling them I probably will be here till october, so 2 transfers. But now I guess I'm a liar haha so I'm sad to leave! But way excited too. I hope my Spanish comes back quickly. I have definitely gotten rusty not speaking it ever here. But I know I can trust in the Lord, because the Spirit speaks perfect Spanish! I'll do everything I can to speak it and learn it.

Anyway, President Miller told me I better let you all know immediately haha of course :) So if you are sending mail or something, please send it to the Mission Office address at: 4400 Presidential Dr NE Suite E, Albuquerque NM 87109. Because if you send it to the La mirage address it probably will get lost unless you send it this week! I don't want to lose any mail, so please know that! So don't send me anything next week unless it's monday or it's priority or something. I really don't want to lose mail!

By the way, President told me we are not allowed to call home again even though we're leaving the country :/ so I don't get to call. I'm sorry! But it's probably for the best. He says it's just any other transfer, I'm just a lucky missionary getting transfered out of the country haha. I thought that was pretty humorous of him. Anyway, sorry about that! But it will be fine. :)

Okay well that's basically all the news I have for you. Pretty small news huh? I was fully expecting a couple transfers. Man, the Church defintiely has its ways. I'm sad to be leaving Elder Calles so soon but it'll work out. Now I just have to go picture crazy these next two weeks because I have hardly any pictures of Albuquerque!!! It's pathetic. So expect some of those eventually. I haven't been able to get the trip to the Sandias with Richard and his family yet-hopefully we can go before I leave, but if not, it's okay because he's made a big impact on me for the time I've been here. Along with plenty of other people that I'm going to miss. But I'm so excited, don't get me wrong! I want to get to ARGENTINA!

Okay that's about it. You can tell I'm excited, probably. Just let everyone know so they don't lose any mail! I love you all and just want you to know that I'll go where the Lord wants me to go, even if I don't want to leave yet, because there's obviously a reason I'm supposed to be down there asap. I'm excited to learn what that is! Oh and by the way, if anyone wants to send some cool new ties that would be cool :) cough Janet cough :D or anyone else too! I could use some more variety! But it will have to be soon, or later once I get my address for America del Sur! Hopefully I get some more information that I can send Monday-my last P-day here.

Elder Tyson Gibbons

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