Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hola, la ultima vez! (from the MTC)

Hello familia y amigos!

Well, if there's one thing I've learned getting a new call is that 4 days is NOT enough time to get everything ready like everyone else did. I'm sitting here in the laundry room at 7:30 in the morning trying to get laundry done so I can start packing today sometime and finish tomorrow, since we didn't get a whole 10 days to know we were leaving! I've been so excited though so I'm really ready to get out of here, although a few more days to get ready would be great. And I'm really excited to get to Albequerque! Maybe I'll hit up JD's apartment or something haha :) Although that would be a very small chance. But I was excited and ready to go when they told me where I was going for a little while. And hey, it's a blessing to get into the mission schedule and routine, learn to teach better, get things under control, and THEN get to Argentina when I only have to focus on the Spanish at that point. I was actually told that by Elder Bott from "The District" last night during in-field orientation! He was one of our teachers, and me and Elder Johnson stayed after to talk to him, since Elder Johnson is now going to his same mision in San Diego. So that was so cool. He was always my favorite! He gave us a great lesson about exercising our faith. Also Elder Christensen and Elder Murray were there as well, but I didn't get taught by either of them. But just in case you were wondering, Elder Hardy had a long talk with Elder Christensen and he gave him updates on all the people they taught! Jynx is not baptized still, she's one of those eternal investigators, Alydia has now married her beach boy 30-year-old boyfriend (thats just what he looks like hahaaha) and they are sealed and have a little girl I think. German (not sure if he was ever shown in the district videos, but he's the BEST one. willing to do ANYTHING) has baptized some of his family members now and pretty much everything is going really good. That was cool to know that he keeps tabs on them! Anyway, the whole orientation yesterday was really cool. They were taking pictures of the whole thiing to use in church productions, so be on the lookout for me in some pictures or something. :)

Well today is Hermano Snyder's birthday and we're making him an oreo cake and we bought him and Hermana Christensen some funny cards to all sign and give to them, so we're doing that today during our class periods. Which is confusing because with class periods how are we going to pack???!?!?!?!?! It's crazy. We'll figure it out. But I am very glad that I don't have to worry about the weight limit as much as others. Elder Romrell's uncle gave him a suitcase looks like its from the 70's and it weighs 20 pounds by itself! So I am very grateful dad and mom that you got us the nice luggage we have. It will make a huge difference! But other than that, I'll be checking my email again today because I need to follow up on some things, but it's just going to be a super busy day! Same with tomorrow. Whoo hoo. But I'm extremely excited to get out and start working and making a good impression on my temporary mission president! But the bad news is at the moment I do not have my address or even any info on who my mission president is, their address, or anything!!! So I will hopefully let you know within this next week. But it's good to be in the United States still for a while so you can get things to me easier if I need anything! Because by the way all my teachers have told me that to get a package to South America you need to disguise whatever it is, or just put a bunch of pictures of the Virgin Mary on it. So that will be something we can figure out later. Hopefully it's not a huge problem! But I'm not sure where to get those kind of stickers if it comes to that haha.

Well I report to the travel office at 6 on Monday morning, and we'll probably leave the MTC around 6:30, which puts me into the airport at 7:30 probably, and after getting checked in I get to call. But that really doesn't give me much time! But guess what--I get to call again before I head to Argentina, so don't worry!! So be waiting for my call, I am sorry I really can't give you a solid time but it will be before 9:20 because that's when we start boarding. And yes, I found that 200 dollars in the envelope for luggage? Or is that for emergency? I'm still not sure how I'm going to pay for the luggage. It's 25 for the first bag and 35 for the second. So I have enough, I just want to use the right funds! Even if we just get reimbursed. But yeah, please just let me know asap.

Anyway I think that's all the information that we really need, I'll be talking to you soon so don't worry about communication! And please just know I'm so excited to be going anywhere even though it's not Argentina! I'll go wherever I am needed or wanted. and I'll do my best whileIi'm there. I love you all! I'm sorry for the short notice on so many things, but it will all work out, don't worry!

Elder Tyson Gibbons

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