Monday, June 11, 2012

Re: Hola!

Hi mom! I can't belive it's been almost a month either! It's crazy. But I'm still so stoked to get out and start learning all about the Argentine culture! I'll glady stay here for another five weeks to get mail all the time and eat enough food and learn more Spanish, but after five more weeks I'm going to be kicking and screaming to get out of here! I saw Chris on Wednesday not even ten minutes after he got here! Which was good. I think it was a comfort for him, he looked pretty lost and dazed to be honest! Poor guy. I had a chance to see him every meal yesterday though. I ate dinner with him last night and we just talked about all that's happened and what he's going to be experiencing for the next few weeks! I feel so old and advanced knowing all this extra stuff. Yet I'm only in the middle of my time here! He's not in either of our zones unfortunately. But he has a good companion and I think he'll survive. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures! I'll make sure to get more when I can, different things probably, there's only so many pictures with districts and companions that you can take at the temple or here on campus.I forgot about the baby shower! I hope it went really well! That sounds like a blast having all those friends and family there! and I'm really glad Kelly and Tammy were there too. Hopefully they weren't overwhelmed by the Gibbons! All together we can be a rowdy bunch no doubt! But all in a good way of course :) It really snowed on them at the father-son campout???  That is ridiculous. We've had freezing days here in the middle of June but nothing terrible! Really windy though. It feels like home sometimes! I'm glad all the cousins get to spend some fun time camping and everything with each other like that. I was super glad when us Tres Primos went to the Jamboree with Chris! That was a really fun time.
Wow that's crazy that there is a mormon message about Ogaards' cousin! And Natalie Bush was in it? That's crazy. What a small world! I had forgotten that Bishop Youth Council or whatever they are had been called firesides previously. I was about to wonder why I had never attended one of those?? I hope it went well. That sounds a lot like the fireside we had last night! Stephen B. Allen (the guy I told you about before) came back again and had probably 15-20 old Mormon commercials from some series called homefront. And he showed us all of them and talked about each one. Probably one of the coolest firesides I've ever attended for sure! And afterwards we stayed and watched the Testaments movie. Gets me to tear up every time! But the rest of the Elders in my district did too so I didn't feel so awkward. Good movie, I recommend it for whoever hasn't seen it! ;)
Dad told me about the church schedule, and that sounds like a very awkward talk (on dating) for a 13 year old indeed! And the fact that Blake had just come home from his mission and it was about marriage and dating makes it all the better! Too bad I wasn't there. Oh well. There are plenty of good talks and speakers here to cover me for 2 years I think :) And I'm glad Kate has someone to enjoy shopping with! I enjoy shopping every once in a while but it's true, it's much nicer to go with friends than parents who don't want to be there (no offense intended!).
I'm glad to hear you are having missionary opportunites! And I'm glad you have been treating the missionaries to food and thing every once in a while. Hermano Robinson, one of the teachers in the zone who doesn't have a district right now actually served in Mendoza so we had an appointment with him and he told us all about it! So yeah, that was really cool. And he said during his mission he ate at a member's house every night! So keep feeding them :) and hopefully they'll feed us! If we get our visas anyway. Fingers crossed!
Good, i'm glad you're inviting Kelly over for dinner before she goes! It's going to be even weirder having her five minutes away for the next 4 weeks or so. Oh well, hopefully I don't run into her on the way to the temple or anything. That would be pretty tough.. Elder Christensen in my district ran into his mom in the temple, since he lives five minutes away. I don't know if I'd be able to handle a situation like that. Anyway, I should probably get going! I hope all is well on the homefront! Keep looking for opportunities to talk to people and thank you so much for your prayers. Some days are hard but I've gotten through them all so far! Only 23 months to go. Wow that sounds weird to say! But I'm so excited for those next 23 months! Miss you all but again don't worry about me. I've got plenty of help here and for the next 2 years and I'm grateful to be here serving and sacrificing my time and my hobbies to be serving the Lord.
Elder Tyson Gibbons

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