Monday, May 21, 2012

Hola de el CCM (MTC in spanish, cool huh?)

Hola Familia! Y amigos tambien!
So the past five days have felt like a month at the least! But it has been a really good five days! I have already improved my Spanish immensely. (Kelly--I know how to answer those questions the lady from the MTC asked once again.) So that has been really cool. Randomly during a lesson from our teacher or even during my lesson as Elder Johnson and I are teaching our investigator Isabel, I will remember words from Spanish 1 and be able to conjugate things. It's amazing what the Spirit helps you with when you are doing the Lord's work, especially some white gringo like me trying to learn Spanish! But of course the first day as we got our name tags and sat for the opening fireside thing, President Brown listed off every single country that people had come from to learn English, Spanish, German, Korean, Armenian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Tagolog, Sebwano (not sure how to spell that one) and other crazy languages I've never heard of. And when he got to Idaho, he asked who milked cows which was a weird question, but just like President Chick and whoever else always says, he was so excited to have Idahoan elders here, because all the cow-milkers wake up at 4 or 5 in the morning and work all day. So even though I don't milk cows, I was still recognized as an Idahoan Elder. Woo Hoo!!
Yesterday was such a great day. I thought it was going to be so long with meetings spread out, a fireside, and a devotional video despues de este, pero it was so inspiring and I even went to choir to learn our song for tomorrow that we sing at the devotional! It's a sweet song and I have to sing baritone because I have lost my low bass voice :/ oh well. So I'm singing baritone with Elder Romrell from my district and it was just really fun! I'm kinda upset at how high I am able to sing now but I will live.
Let me tell you about my district. First of all, we are the BEST. We are Branch 1 and District B, and my companero Elder Johnson was called as District leader, I think mostly because he's almost two years older than the rest of us. But we are the perfect companions. He's super outgoing and spiritual and just awesome and I have helped him with his Spanish a lot, which sadly I think is the only thing I have really helped him with. But it is okay. We have only been here for five days right? Our zone leaders are really cool, Elder Rose looks like Joseph Smith in all those paintings, and Elder Surmik is from Canada so that's why he's awesome. And they're both spiritually inspiring guys. Oops ELDERS not guys. Lo siento!! And Elder Harmon was a really cool Elder that has been here for 16 weeks!!!! He punched a door when he got mad and shattered his finger, so he had to stay a little longer haha. But he finally got to leave down to Argentina Buenos Aires today!! We sang God Be With You Til We Meet Again as a district and he was very moved. So we were all happy for him.
In my district we have Elders Christensen and Waite, Elders Hardy and Chipman, Elders Romrell and Allen, Elders Braithwaite and Peterson, and then Elder Johnson y yo. Oh and I apologize for my Spanglish and my bad grammar (mostly apologizing to you mom :) ) and we all get along so well. Elder Braithwaite and Peterson are our roommates and we all get along just perfect. And our teacher!! Oh my goodness he is the neatest guy ever. His name is Hermano Snyder, and he is just so encouraging and nice, and honestly if I knew how great a teacher he was and I had to go with someone else, I would want to go home. That was an exaggeration, but he has made these past 5 days as amazing as they have been, because I may be feeling down and discrouraged and as soon as he walks in the room we are all just uplifted and excited to teach our next lesson! It is amazing the spirit he brings to the classroom.
I have seen Jalen and his German district (which included Brian Robins, Kelly's cousin, by the way. I knew it!) and I have seen them every day, almost every meal, and we live in the same building so we see them there tambien. That has been a blessing to me, just to give me a little strength to see people I know. I've also seen at least five people from BYU so that is awesome too.
Well my laundry is probably almost done so I should go! But the temple was so cool too. It was a very uplifting experience that has made me and Elder Johnson just super uplifted and excited for today so far, so moral of the story is, go to the temple haha. It will be a really great blessing to you of course. Well I love and miss all you guys! I'll hopefully make it through the next five days and then what? The next hundreds of five days haha. I know I will. It is so cool here and I know I'm gonna be anxious to get on that plane to Argentina, even though it will be sad not to see half my district again! Oh yeah, five of us are going to New Jersey and the others are going to Argentina Mendoza, so that will be sad! But I'm defintely going to keep in touch!
Okay I know I'm not supposed to ask for things for people in the mission I'm serving, but I would just really appreciate if you would pray for Elder Romrell. His dad died when he was really young and I just learned today he and his sister have Cystic Fibrosis! And he is technically only supposed to live until the 30's but he is very active so he hopes for longer! But that almost ruined my good mood because he is just the coolest and nicest guy, and definitely the strongest since he seems to be going through so much more than the rest of us. So yeah I just wanted to share that. Anyway, all the guys in my district are great so we could all use prayers as well!! Well I must be going, so Hasta luego! Until next monday, Lots of Love and Best of Wishes! Buenasuerte en sus vidas.
Elder Tyson Gibbons

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